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Atlanta: On Premise Market Manager

Fulltime position. Supervises and coordinates the daily activities of sales representatives engaged in promoting and selling of all On-Premise Commodities. Must be able to travel throughout territories with Sales Representatives for the purpose of providing guidance on accounts, & maintaining customer relationships. Must ensure product representation and good customer service.

Position Duties include, but are not limited to:
• Management of all sales representatives’ quotas, goals, targets, and performance.
• Monitor new product and priority item sales and performance.
• Keep sales representatives abreast of current pricing and deals; monitor and control representatives’ discounting and manual overrides.
• Regularly evaluating performance and making adjustments when and where problems exist.
• Riding with all sales people and discussing their individual performance on that day (minimum of 3 days per week is suggested).
• Implementation of Corporate and State/National Programs.
• Develop and maintain professional and working relationships with Triple, Double & Single A and B accounts on the team.
• Continual self education and knowledge of new and existing products in the company portfolio and competitive portfolio’s.
• Involved in all aspects of new accounts (presentations, deals and relationships, etc).
• Accurately reviewing all bonus paperwork before approvals from Area Sales Managers.
• Responsible for reviewing notebooks, file systems and organizational skills of sales representative’s complete account listing and territories.
• Attend all sales meetings promptly and with enthusiasm.
• Achieve all sales goals and quotas.
• Show professionalism in all areas at all times:
o Attire
o Conduct
o Time Management
o Proper and thorough follow up
o Sales presentations and proposals
o Relationships
Carry out all phases of job responsibilities as directed by General Sales Manager

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