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California: Business Analyst


Gather and organize information using industry sources (e.g., Nielsen,
CREST, Industry Publications, Internet, etc.) in order to understand
the customer’s sales trends, strengths and weaknesses, and competitive

    Run monthly volume reports using value, Galileo, or Nielsen system in
    order to track and monitor volume performance.
    Review monthly volume detail reports to ensure all customer outlets
    are correctly represented and are active.
    Identify emerging market trends that may impact product distribution,
    shelving, merchandizing, and pricing in order to develop strategies to
    increase TMMC’s volume opportunities.
    Analyze and report on business opportunities (e.g., Opportunity Gap
    analysis), available syndicated services and data sources, and
    project/activity results in order to advance the TMMC portfolio and
    enhance business results.
    Determine priorities for one’s area of accountability to create clarity
    about focus and enable work to be completed efficiently.
    Coordinate activities and communications within The Company or
    Coca-Cola system to ensure the Company speaks with one voice in the
    messages delivered from various parts of The Company or The Coca-Cola
    Share information about the industry, segment and customer markets in
    order to integrate The Company or The Coca-Cola System into the
    customer planning/problem solving process.
    Update business plan progress using tools such as the Sales Force Tool
    Kit, Galileo, or Nielsen in order to monitor Key Business Indicators

Evaluate results versus objectives using customer and Company or
Coca-Cola System information (e.g., Galileo, register POS, Customer
Communications Center, and Value) in order to determine results and the
need for plan modifications.

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Thursday, January 18, 3:44 pm

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