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Canada: Quality Assurance Supervisor

Supervise sensory and physicochemical quality assurance activities with respect to the raw materials used, the intermediate products and the bottled products, complying with the applicable standards and specifications. Organize and supervise the activities of unionized hourly-paid employees. Work closely with the Quality Assurance Manager in the management of human resources and with regard to certain administrative duties.

Supervise a team of approximately 3 employees pursuing common goals, namely, quality verification and approval in accordance with the established specifications pertaining to intermediate and finished products. Foster accountability by delegating specific duties to employees. Work closely with the neighbouring departments regarding problems that arise, identifying and applying solutions during the operations (bottling, blending, distillery, warehouses, etc.). Maintain communication, meet and conduct follow-up with suppliers of raw materials and clients. Ensure compliance with the policies and procedures applicable to human and material resources. Develop and apply the standards, specifications and procedures required to ensure a superior-quality finished product. Ensure application of workplace health and safety regulations. Participate in auditing. Verify the daily production inspection reports. Prepare the hold production reports and follow-up with corrective actions. Responsible for entering and verifying payroll data for each employee in his/her department. Develop training programs and ensure that staff members receive the training they need to meet the requirements of their assigned position. Work closely with the Department Manager with regard to human resources management, specifically, recruitment and the assigning of positions. Replace the Quality Assurance Manager in his/her absence. Be prepared to travel to attend seminars/conferences, training sessions, etc.

An undergraduate university degree in a field of specialization relevant to the food sector (applied sciences) or the equivalent; 6 Sigma certified green belt with a minimum of 2 years of experience; Membership in the Order of Chemists will be considered an asset. Minimum three (3) years’ experience supervising a quality control or assurance team in a unionized environment; Demonstrate leadership, autonomy, initiative, creativity and dedication to work well done; Be an excellent communicator; This role requires daily sensory evaluation of various spirits and sweet liquor, and as such, the candidate is advised to speak with their medical physician about any potential impacts to their health and any conditions would prevent them from fulfilling the duties of the role; Have an excellent sense of smell and taste, and therefore:
· Be a non-smoker
· Drink little or no coffee
Exhibit superior abilities with respect to interpersonal relations and have a strong aptitude for learning; Be teamwork-oriented; Be computer-literate and master Excel and Word software; Bilingualism (French and English) essential.

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