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Coke to launch Coffee Drinks

Coca-Cola Co. and Illycaffe SpA will begin marketing a line of canned Illy coffee drinks this month in some New York City neighborhoods, the companies announced Tuesday.

Atlanta-based Coca-Cola and Illycaffe, an Italian coffee company, signed an agreement in 2007 to jointly develop ready-to-drink coffees and began offering them last year in Europe.

The Illy Issimo drinks offered in New York will come in three versions: Caffe, a chilled full-bodied coffee drink; Cappuccino, an espresso blended with milk and dark cacao; and Latte Macchiato, a smooth espresso with milk. The drinks will be expanded to Los Angeles later this year.

PepsiCo, Coke’s chief rival, holds an advantage in the ready-to-drink coffee market thanks to a partnership with Starbucks.

Coca-Cola have taken the step to allow Independent agencies to distribute the products rather than using their own traditional distribution.

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Saturday, January 20, 1:07 am

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