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Corona switches to Carlsberg in Russia

Under the terms of the agreement, Carlsberg will get exclusive rights to import, promote and sell Modelo’s Corona Extra beer. Modelo so far has been the exclusive importer of Carlsberg beer in Mexico while Carlsberg has distributed Corona through its subsidiaries in Italy, Switzerland, Malaysia and Singapore. In Russia, Corona had until now been distributed by a local beer importer.

“The second step in the development of the alliance of Modelo and Carlsberg covers important parts of the Eastern European countries which are a key strategic area for us,” said Anton Artemiev, senior vice president for Carlsberg Eastern Europe. “With Corona, our portfolio will get a unique brand that has a well defined and strong growth potential.”

Carlsberg Business Development Director Mikkel Lohmann Davidsen said Corona is a market leader in Russia’s super-premium beer segment, with 30,000 hectoliters sold in 2007.

“For us in Russia, that’s an entry into a segment where we are not today,” he said in an interview. “It will be very much focused on the big cities and higher-income people.”

The agreement with Modelo will benefit Carlsberg because the addition of a super premium brand to its portfolio should open doors when selling to pubs and restaurants, said Jyske Bank analyst Jens Houe Thomsen.

In addition to Russia and Ukraine, Carlsberg will distribute Corona beer in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kirgizstan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan and Moldova, Carlsberg said.

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Tuesday, January 23, 3:47 pm

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