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Texas: Senior Brand Manager


Innovation has been and continues to be a strategic growth platform for the Minute Maid Business Unit and is one of the five key pillars for the MMBU over the next 10 years.  Because of this, the MMBU General Manager sees the innovation team is a critical enabler of the division’s long term financial goals.  This position of Senior Brand Manager will be instrumental in meeting these aggressive goals.  This person will have a balanced role, alternating between projects that require high level strategic thinking, like defining potential white space opportunities, and projects that are critical to delivering short term results, like 2010 new item introductions.  Because of this there are several skills that are instrumental for success in this role.  This individual should be as comfortable drawing insights from detailed Nielsen information as they are brainstorming new ideas.  They should have a passion for the consumer and be comfortable using market research tools to make project decisions.  This role interacts significantly with a broad cross functional team so strong team leadership and interpersonal skills are critical.  This is a highly visible role with critical 2009 deliverables..

Function Specific Activities:

    Write short and/or long-term business/brand plans identifying business
    objectives, strategies, key initiatives and performance measurements by
    using insights collected from situation assessment, marketplace
    information, etc. in order to support division/region portfolio and
    brand growth targets.
    Assess attractive consumer opportunities (global or local) that are
    currently untapped by The Company by leveraging consumer research in
    order to identify new volume and profit growth areas (e.g., new
    beverage sub-categories, new packaging opportunities, new merchandise
    categories, new channels of distribution to sell licensed merchandise).
    Develop and communicate written briefs for use by agencies or
    suppliers (e.g., creative, advertising, packaging, product development,
    media, consumer promotions, merchandising, licensed or specialty
    merchandise, etc.) to direct their work activities in order to generate
    concepts for effective execution of marketing programs and objectives
    (e.g., drive trail, increase loyalty).
    Interact with divisions/customers in order to influence their brand
    plans during annual business planning process.

Create a communication plan using various tools (e.g., newsletters,
PowerPoint presentations, face-to-face meetings, video conferencing,
etc.) in order to communicate consumer initiative concepts to

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Thursday, January 18, 3:41 pm

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