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California: Vineyard Intern

Vineyard Management Company seeking a seasonal intern to help in our ultra-premium Sonoma County vineyards. You would be exposed to a number of different varieties, appellations and farming techniques. Duties would include the following:

*Data collection and entry of vineyard data such as irrigation amounts, cluster counts/weights, pruning weights, etc.

*Maintaining vineyard maps and block information

*Working with our PCA on a variety of projects depending on your abilities and skill level, such as:
-Sharpshooter trap install and collection
-Vine mealybug trap install and collection
-General monitoring of vineyard diseases and pests
-Taking pressure chamber readings for irrigation scheduling

*Setting up and monitoring various field trials and experiments. This would also be DOE and interest but would likely involve different fertilizer products, disease control materials and cultural techniques.

*Helping foremen with various field duties as needed.

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Saturday, December 16, 10:21 pm

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