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Dogfish Head Craft Brewery is seeking an off-centered Generalist to join this overloaded HR team of one! The successful candidate will be experienced in a full-range of HR areas including payroll, staffing, off-centered-coworker-relations, benefits admin and various other things like maintaining employee files and so forth; basically a lot of different stuff. Basically, you will support HR initiatives that enable employees to experience growth, health, success and fulfillment, to that end only rays of sunshine need apply. You will be called upon to model healthy, positive and professional communication in a fun-loving but hard-working environment. You will support the adept handling of official matters including OSHA reporting, workers comp, mandatory trainings, etc. No doubt we will be busy and we will be professional, but we will have fun. If you sound like you could make up this we that I am looking for than how about letting me hear from you?

The qualified candidate will have a bachelor’s degree in Biz Admin or other relevant discipline. You must have a minimum 3 years HR experience in a generalist capacity. You must have exceptional communication skills, including written and spoken. You must have a huge heart balanced with a huge mind. Judgment, tact, empathy and confidentiality to the N’th degree will be expected and required of you and you must be able to deliver. If some or all of your HR experience takes or took place in a manufacturing environment that could be helpful. Restaurant experience, particularly on the payroll side of things could be huge.

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Wednesday, December 13, 12:59 pm

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