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Bahrain: Marketing Manager

Annual Process:
-Lead BP development & alignment with bottler: opportunity identification, portfolio strategy, and big bets
-Develop BPPC (Brand Pack Price Channel) & Shopper segmentation strategy
-Develop annual marketing/commercial calendar
Day to Day:
-Alignment of opportunity identification and Business strategies with the bottlers
-Drive alignment of the marketing and commercial calendar with the bottler:
*Channel Calendar
*BPPC/O and LoS (with bottler and brand team)
*Trade development calendar
*In-store marketing executional detail calendar
-Analyze business performance
-Drive joint KPIs routines with bottlers including Red
-Drive implementation of commercial initiatives
-Lead the agreement for promotional activities with the bottler, and premium suppliers
-Develop and implement local initiatives
-Manage Country Promotions and JMB budget
-Competitive understanding and market visits
-Sharing best practices in commercial leadership with the bottler.

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Thursday, January 18, 3:49 pm

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