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California: Administrative Assistant


Hudson Vineyards, a dynamic farming operation raising renowned wine grapes along with other farm products and bottling small lots of wine is looking for an administrative assistant. Employee will be responsible for administrative duties relating to Hudson Vineyards, Hudson Wines and Hudson Ranch operations. The ideal candidate will be comfortable handling a variety of job duties and be a team player. This position is also the first point of contact for most Hudson visitors, so applicants should be comfortable greeting guests and clients both in the office and on the phone. The job responsibilities listed below are a summary; duties may be added as needed.

1. Administrative duties
Greet guests at the main office
Answer phones
Open mail
Run administrative related errands for the ranch and the owner
Receive and send regular shipments of wine, olive oil or other items either at the office or at local shipping venues
Monitor and stock office supplies
Manage the filing system for all ranch activities

2. Marketing and financial duties
Handle phone orders for wine or farm products
Maintain customer database for online direct wine sales
Assist with public relations and marketing events for Hudson Ranch and Hudson Wines held on the ranch
Make travel arrangements for marketing trips
Coordinate and process mail and email offers for wine and farm products
Coordinate website updates
Assist with tracking farm product and wine sales to restaurants, retailers and direct to consumers
Assist with invoicing for farm products, wine and grapes
Perform bank deposits, either electronically at the office or delivering them to the bank
Prepare annual property tax reports
Organize budget and reporting spreadsheets.

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Friday, November 24, 8:26 pm

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