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California: Cellar Master


Work with winemaker and assistant winemaker with duties throughout harvest including, but not limited to:
-Sulfuring of musts.
-Yeast and malolactic inoculations.
-Nutrient additions.
-Daily fermentation measurements.
-Heating/cooling of ferments.
-Draining and pressing.

• Coordinate, distribute and assist with work assignments.
• Perform and maintain cellar sanitation.
• Maintain a safe working environment at all times.
• Operate cellar equipment including press, pumps, destemmer, sorting table and all processing and crush equipment.
• Monitor wine inventory and ensure quality is maintained through routine cellar operations.
• Perform barrel work, including filling, racking, topping and barrel cleanliness.
• Barrel work also includes the accurate completion of barrel tags and all necessary record keeping paperwork.
• Follow topping and testing/sampling schedule.
• During periods of bottling, responsibilities extend to quality control of packaging.
• Perform grape and juice analysis, pH, TA, brix.
• Perform wine analysis VA, TA, pH, FSO2, TSO2.
• Log analytical results accurately and efficiently.
• Work safely and maintain a clean work station
• Assisting in preparing monthly BATF reports.
• Perform inventories of chemicals, barrels and kegs.
• Know how to ship and receive, including accurate completion of all necessary paperwork.

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