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California: Manager Technical Services


We are proud to be the #1 bottled water company in the country! With our headquarters in Greenwich, CT, we have over 7,200 employees in the U.S. supporting more than 14 top-selling brands, including Arrowhead, Calistoga, San Pellegrino, Perrier, Poland Springs, Deer Park, Ice Mountain, Nestle Pure Life, Zephyrhills and Ozarka.

Supply Chain
Our supply chain organization is responsible for the sourcing, production and distribution of our water products for the end customer. Our home and office supply chain produces our products in 6-gallon, 5-gallon and 3-gallon returnable bottles for delivery to customers homes and businesses. Our retail product is produced in a number of portable PET packages.

JOB TITLE: Technical Manager

DESCRIPTION: The Technical Manager provides all required technical support to plant bottling and water processing equipment. Coordinate local projects, facility maintenance, and safety/environment activities.

Design and coordinate plant Preventive Maintenance plans
Optimize preventive and predictive maintenance through use of the Computerized Maintenance Management System
Provide technical direction for all capital projects for the facility
Administer technical support and strategic direction for all site safety and environmental initiatives
Analysis reporting and communication of departmental key metrics related to maintenance systems, safety and environmental
Manage all facility maintenance
Track, manage, and improve energy usage of the Plant
Establish and maintain standard operating procedures for all maintenance, safety and environmental related activities
Provide direct support to all continuous improvement activities for Production units.

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