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California: Winery Sales

We are thinking out of the box. Axios Napa Valley, and our associated brands(WORTHY & TRUTH) have been very successful. However, we have always experienced coverage problems in the huge state of California. I was dining in a great restaurant in Napa, and reviewing wine options with my server. The server, in this case was bright and wine knowledgeable. She assisted us very well. Right then and there an idea entered my mind; Why not have dozens of wine knowledgable people who work in these positions work selling our wines, part time during the morning/afternoon hours? The idea seems fresh and I want to give it a try. The parameter’s are be simple-
1) Have knowledge and love of wine
2) Be outgoing and intelligent
3) Be Honest
4) Pick a territory(can be 2 blocks or your entire home town, or simply a list of stores and restaurants you have a relationship with) and ernestly call on the accounts within that territory

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Thursday, January 18, 5:32 pm

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