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Illinois: Production Team Leader


Supervise and coordinate all activities of lead personnel and bottling/distilling workers, including operational, personnel, and administrative tasks. Develop, manage, and lead a performance oriented, team based staff of lead personnel and bottling/distilling workers to efficiently package finished product. Decision Degree of Assistance and Risk Daily staffing of operations. Assignment of personnel to production areas. Prioritizing tasks to be completed with available staff.

Risk: Production needs not fulfilled. Available staff not effectively utilized. Additional costs to the company. Daily responsibility for line operations. This includes involvement in packaging quality issues, machine capability and adherence to work rules. Machinery may not operate efficiently, increasing costs to the company. If work rules are not adhered to, there is increase opportunity for workplace injury to employees.
· Managing production lines to optimize efficiencies and reduce labor costs.
· Maximizing through puts while minimizing labor use.
· Manage supply accounts by achieving the best cost with vendors.
· Develop new process and programs to reduce and minimize losses (product, packaging materials).
· Annual operating budget, excluding labor, adhesives CO2/Gases, temporary help,safety supplies, operating supplies , shrinkwrap, stretchwrap , line lube , temporary help, conversion supplies.
· Directly responsible for lead personnel and hourly workers and indirectly oversee maintenance mechanics.

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Monday, December 18, 6:30 pm

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