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Michigan: National Sales Manager

Dynamic wine company is seeking an energetic, seasoned professional to provide leadership in marketing, sales, and business development. Considerable industry experience should be evident in the capability to build and cement enduring relationships with suppliers, distributors, and national on- and off-premise accounts. This position is responsible for providing strategic direction to the business and requires strong entrepreneurial drive, negotiation skills and interpersonal dexterity to manage business performance on both the supply and sales ends. Significant travel will be required. This position offers opportunity for competitive compensation package, including equity interest and/or bonus compensation.

Specific Responsibilities:
• Create & maintain strong relationships; primary focus is on the development and management of a distributor network in target markets (Midwest, New York, Florida, Texas, California) and the attainment of sales goals in those markets.
• Design & implement quarterly and annual reviews with distributor networks to achieve quarterly sales goals.
• Conduct annual review of business results and budgetary performance, and adjust sales and marketing strategy accordingly.
• Negotiate & oversee supplier contributions, marketing, and depletions.
• Oversee logistics of order & inventory pipeline, ensuring that distributor orders are able to be filled with inventory from supplier.
• Contribute to planning, execution and monitoring of effective marketing programs.
• Oversee hiring, training, and development of sales team as needed in future.
• Take responsibility for translating company goals through to execution, having financial accountability for results.

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Tuesday, January 23, 3:53 pm

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