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New York: Shopper Marketing Manager


Position Overview:

This is a unique position in that the role will be dedicated to Shop Rite, a progressive retailer and Coca-Cola partner, which is headquartered in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  The requirements of this role are to work directly with the VP Marketing at Shop Rite to assist in the development of strategic marketing platforms for Shop Rite, as well as manage the day-to-day marketing projects at Shop Rite.  This person will work closely with the East Region of CCNA and the East BU of CCE, as well as the Category/Brands teams in Atlanta and New York.

Function Specific Activities:

    Develop, execute and analyze customer-specific extensions of national
    program for specific national customers in order to maximize customer
    and system value.
    Develop and execute merchandise “go-to-market” strategies using market
    knowledge (e.g., industry, competitive set, Company needs) and region/
    account plans in order to maximize short and long-term growth as well
    as channel penetration.
    Interact with divisions/customers in order to influence their brand
    plans during annual business planning process.
    Create a communication plan using various tools (e.g., newsletters,
    PowerPoint presentations, face-to-face meetings, video conferencing,
    etc.) in order to communicate consumer initiative concepts to
    Set specific and measurable goals and objectives for a project team.
    Direct and execute consumer programs/activation projects including
    tracking budget, supervising third parties and agencies, following
    timelines and managing team members in order to achieve outcomes as
    outlined in the initiative’s project charter and/or objectives.
    Write short and/or long-term business/brand plans identifying business
    objectives, strategies, key initiatives and performance measurements by
    using insights collected from situation assessment, marketplace
    information, etc. in order to support division/region portfolio and
    brand growth targets.
    Execute consumer and customer programs (e.g., youth participation
    programs, consumer promotions, hospitality programs for customers and
    consumers and merchandise programs) tied to global properties (e.g.,
    NBA, Olympics, World Cup, Harry Potter) and regional properties (e.g.,
    NASCAR) in order to fulfill local brand and business objectives.
    Establish promotional criteria (e.g., strategy, packaging
    configurations, communication vehicles, promotional mechanics/tactics,
    timing, etc.) in order to accurately measure program success.

Prepare reports/presentations of research results by efficiently
communicating critical learnings, consumer insights and conclusions in
order to provide actionable recommendations to audience.

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Tuesday, January 23, 12:00 am

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