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Texas: Blow Mould Tech


‘ Work to continually improve plant systems, processes, procedures and results.
‘ Utilize process improvement techniques, tools and procedures.
‘ Utilize production output and equipment downtime data to make changes and improve blowmold results.
‘ Maximize performance of blowmold equipment
‘ Have basic mechanical and electrical skills
‘ Troubleshoot equipment problems, make repairs and document adjustments
‘ Conduct efficient equipment changeovers to accommodate production demands
‘ Read blueprints and technical manuals (mechanical and electrical)
‘ Utilize preventative maintenance program to maintain and prevent failure of equipment
‘ Preserve blowmold equipment through proper cleaning and sanitation
‘ Produce quality product through tight monitoring of process, raw materials and finished products
‘ Adhere to good housekeeping standards and good manufacturing practices throughout the plant
‘ Use machinist measuring tools
‘ Possess an ability to conduct basic mathematical calculations
‘ Use electrical test instrumentation
‘ Have good communication skills to work with plant personnel and vendors.

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Tuesday, January 23, 9:47 pm

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