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Texas: Production Operator


Production operator participates as team members in a high volume, light manufacturing environment. Responsible for filling and packing operation of equipment including quality, maintenance, troubleshooting and repairing activities to meet production needs in an efficient and safe manner.

‘ Adhere to all required safety requirements
‘ Adhere to all factory and department policies and procedures
‘ Operation, troubleshooting, diagnosing and repairing of each filling and packing machine and related equipment such as batching equipment of minerals and flavors
– Be familiar and monitor all running equipment to include normal running parameters, set points, etc according to Best Practices
– Knowledge and usage of transportation methods including but not limited to airveyors, bottle conveyors, package conveyors, pallet jacks, fork lift, man lift, etc
– Knowledgeable on all packaging and bottling area support equipment and systems: line lube, water processing, electrical, case coders, bottle coders, and compressed air systems
‘ Conduct cleaning of filling and packing machines and related equipment such as mineral skid. Operate central sanitation equipment:
– Cleaning in Place (CIP) In addition identify all critical points of CIP process
– Comply with sanitation standards, adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and maintain work areas clean and organized
‘ Perform quality checks and interpret data using proper SPC software
‘ Participate in execution of preventive, predictive and reactive maintenance on filling and packing machines and related equipment
‘ Perform changeovers to include changeover parts set-up, planning, improvement and assessment of changeover success
‘ Record manufacturing related data on PC workstations in their area such as SAP
‘ Utilize process improvement techniques, tools and procedures
‘ Follow plant standards and execute recycle program including operation of grinder and balers.

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