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UK: IT Change Specialist


Our IT function has begun the journey of evolution from a country based model with light regional and global co-ordination to a regionally-based model with more global integration. An IT infrastructure outsourcing process has begun to select suppliers and implement full-scope IT infrastructure outsourcing on a regional level to support the regional SAP instance strategy. Similarly for application development, a process has begun to select a global application development partner to be used in divisional implementations.

Once this transformation programme is complete the role of the global IT function will be a combination of globally-owned and maintained standard systems (primarily for back-office functions, but some others as well) and a co-ordination role for regionally owned and maintained systems (e.g. supply chain). Similarly regarding infrastructure, the role of the global IT function will be a combination of ownership of some global contracts with co-ordination of the aspects of these contracts that are managed regionally.

The Change Specialist will be responsible for establishing the change management functions required to support the transition to a global IT service delivery model.

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Thursday, January 18, 3:31 pm

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