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UK: Procurement & Supply Chain Management


SAB Miller’s success as a global leader in the beer industry is largely attributable to our exceptional logistics management.

We are considered a world leader in the complex business of getting our product from the ‘farm to the table’.

The effective procurement of raw materials at the beginning of the supply chain and the distribution of the finished product to our customers is pivotal to our ongoing commercial success.

Our Procurement teams need to source the highest quality raw materials at the lowest possible cost. Our distribution people need to take our beer from the brewery and get it to the consumer as quickly, effectively and cost-efficiently as possible. The escalating raw material and transportation costs around the world combined with SAB Miller’s commitment to ethical and ecologically sustainable trading, means that Supply Chain offers challenging, rich and rewarding careers.

SAB Miller offers Procurement and Distribution careers across a wide range of opportunities at every level, including: Commodity Procurement, Capital Equipment Procurement, Logistics Planning and Distribution Management.

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Monday, January 22, 12:11 am

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