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UK: Senior Group OD Consultant


The role is responsible for defining, implementing and progressing specific elements of the SAB Miller strategic agenda, in the areas of organizational change and learning.

Broadly, the role will support the company’s strategic imperatives to create:

  • a more brand-led, marketing focused organization
  • a constantly learning and self-refreshing organization.

Outputs and Accountabilities

1. Provide dedicated OD and change management support for specific commercial initiatives. This requires significant closeness to and interfaces with the SAB Miller Category Committee and Marketing Directors Committee, amongst other stakeholder groups.

2. Providing OD support to large, global transformational projects

3. Providing OD support for changes related to the SAB Miller business model, overall or specific components.

4. Leading or participating in specific local route-to-market projects. Aligned with our aspiration to become a brand-led, market-facing organization.

5. Participating as a team member in specific M&A projects, led by a member of the SAB Miller Business Development/M&A team.

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Saturday, January 20, 1:12 am

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