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UK: Service Analyst


Our IT function has begun the journey of evolution from a country based model with light regional and global co-ordination to a regionally-based model with more global integration. An IT infrastructure outsourcing process has begun to select suppliers and implement full-scope IT infrastructure outsourcing on a regional level to support the regional SAP instance strategy. Similarly for application development, a process has begun to select a global application development partner to be used in divisional implementations.

Once this transformation programme is complete the role of the global IT function will be a combination of globally-owned and maintained standard systems (primarily for back-office functions, but some others as well) and a co-ordination role for regionally owned and maintained systems (e.g. supply chain). Similarly regarding infrastructure, the role of the global IT function will be a combination of ownership of some global contracts with co-ordination of the aspects of these contracts that are managed regionally.

The Global Service Analyst will provide support to the IT service delivery function for group applications and infrastructure provided to SAB Miller globally.

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Friday, January 19, 1:15 pm

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