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Atlanta: Customer Operations Associate II


This position is known as a Project Installation Coordinator in the National Customer Support.  Serves as the operational point of contact for customers at the outlet level for Food Service project activity.  Generates equipment orders or work orders for volume generating or equipment placement activities for chain and national account projects.  Sources and orders equipment and parts needed.  Schedules the activity with the customer and confirms outlet readiness to avoid wasted trips and reduce travel and labor costs.  Performs customer close out calls to ensure activity is complete and the customer is satisfied.  Resolves issues and exceptions within the order management process, and follows up with the customer at the outlet level, Chair Operations Managers and appropriate National Customer Support stakeholders. Inputs survey/ QMC data into database created by COM or PFE.

Function Specific Activities:

    Schedule installations, exchanges, parts buy-backs or removals of
    equipment or other assets using Coca-Cola information systems, supplier
    networks and agent contacts in order to meet customer expectations.
    Source and facilitate delivery of assets (e.g., beverage equipment,
    parts, point of sale material, return of assets) for customers in order
    to complete projects or installations using Coca-Cola information
    systems and supplier contacts.
    Research and resolve issues for customers, business partners and
    Company associates in order to expedite service, installations or
    orders using information systems (e.g., KO systems, FedEx or UPS
    Contact customers in order to confirm service or orders (e.g., service
    follow up, equipment service confirmation, parts delivery confirmation,
    service scheduling).
    Receive, record and respond to customer or consumer inquiries/feedback
    using database tools and documented best practices in order to provide
    improved service performance and/or to capture and report data to
    internal/external users.

Create and maintain partnerships with customers, clients or third party
service providers (e.g., service/installation agents, distributors) by
establishing common goals, objectives and performance target
requirements in order to improve mechanical service and installations
for customers.

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Saturday, January 20, 4:43 pm

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