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California: Category Manager


Perform data analysis and wine schematic generation for CVS. Analyze and identify category, segment and brand performance opportunities. Monitor market and retail competitor performance using internal and industry data.

• Work On Site at CVS Detriot Area.

• Provide insight and research for alcohol related growth opportunities.

• Ensure market specific CVS programs are executed, and provide follow-up to CVS on program successes/failures.

• Work with CVS to develop planograms, ads, and item assortments

• Provide analytical and strategic input and insights to all programming, advertising, display, pricing opportunities, assortment and schematic decisions made as part of the CVS team

• Work with CVS to develop fiscal plans and objectives to accomplish CVS corporate goals.

• Work with Strategic Account Manager to ensure national program execution and market related focus.

• Be the liaison between Sales Team, distributor, channel and CVS for market related needs and programming.

• Coordinate sales, marketing, pricing, distributor issues and execution related to Constellation Wines business to achieve fiscal goals and objectives

• Provide analysis / information on as needed basis based on CVS’ needs related to the wine business

• Manage category projects that arise .

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Sunday, December 17, 11:05 pm

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