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California: Harvest Interns


Medlock Ames is a small family winery located in the Alexander Valley. We focus primarily on Cabernet and Merlot production with small amounts of other varietals including Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc: all organically grown at the estate. Wine production is of a very high standard. We are a small team in need of temporary help for approx. 3 months, from mid-September to mid-December.

We’re looking for a motivated individual to join us as a harvest intern and work in a variety of roles. Previous experience is preferable but not strictly necessary – a desire to work hard, pay close attention to details and learn fast is vital. This role involves a wide variety of tasks such as (but not limited to):

• Assist in receiving and processing fruit, sorting, pressing, etc.
• General sanitation of winery & equipment
• Making additions to juice, must, & wine
• Performing punch-down & pump-over
• Racking juice, must, and wine from tank to tank
• Barrel filling, topping, stirring, and racking
• Monitoring fermentations as needed
• Pressing
• Removing pomace from tanks & presses
• Lab analysis
• Field sampling
• Recording data

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Tuesday, January 23, 1:44 pm

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