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California: On Call Hospitality


OBJECTIVE: This position is designed to provide guests to Mumm Napa with an outstanding and unique winery experience. Our hospitality representative’s work with a team of skilled professionals to ensure guests receive the best impression of Mumm Napa, with a focus at all times on customer service. The presentation made to the guests must be carried out properly, professionally, and in a manner consistent with the philosophies and image of Mumm Napa. Hospitality representatives will have strong knowledge and passion for wine and exhibit enthusiasm in sharing this information with our guests.

• Providing guests with an outstanding and unique experience through:
o A friendly and sincere greeting
o Educates guests about Mumm Napa’s history and wines.
o Anticipates guests needs
o Assists guests with information and reservations at restaurants, hotels, and other wineries as needed
o Develops ongoing relationships with guests to stimulate repeat visits and future sales.

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Sunday, January 21, 12:57 am

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