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California: Reatil Manager


We are looking for a Retail Manager at Michel-Schlumberger – a world class wine Estate nestled in unique & beautiful side pocket in the benchlands & highlands of Dry Creek Valley. The role requires someone who can staff, train, manage & schedule the tour/tasting staff, as well as develop, coordinate & manage any events, while developing strategies to increase traffic to the Estate. The candidate should be:

· Infectiously enthusiastic & high energy

· Enormously organized

· Creative

· Entrepreneurial (ie, can work with limited supervision)

· An excellent communicator

· A Team player – works well with others

The block & tackle role is to a) generate traffic, b) provide an unforgettable experience once traffic does get here, c) create an atmosphere to generate sales & convert to club membership, d) create long term relationships & follow up with customers. He/she will take on the lead role for concierge/B&B outreach, neighbor winery relations, industry relations (ie Wine Growers) & be constantly on the search to develop more relationships that will result in visitors.

More info here

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Friday, January 19, 3:41 pm

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