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Canada: Warehouse Worker


Summary: Receives, stores, and distributes material, tools, equipment, and products within establishments by performing the following duties.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
– Knowledge of how to slot product and how to maintain slots and inventory in the computerized inventory system.
– To accurately, consistently and safely follow directions; involved in receiving, stock rotation, or shipping of cases or bottles of wines and spirits in various locations throughout the warehouse and/or in loading or unloading of trucks. Including any or all of the following activities:
– Operating various pieces of warehouse equipment (Cherry Pickers, Forklifts, Slipsheets, Clamp Pickers, Electric Floorjacks, etc) to include daily maintenance. OSHA certified
– Maintaining computerized inventory control records over every product movement – receipts, shipments, transfers within the warehouse from one location to another, product returns, etc.
– Accurately identifying and receiving cases of product into inventory locations, using various pieces of warehouse equipment, upon receipt from the supplier.
– Accurately identifying cases or bottles to be picked from a pick document and placing product by hand onto the conveyor system in the process of loading delivery trucks.
– Accurately pick, pack, palletize, wrap and tag special transfer orders.
– Hand stacking cases/bottles of product in a specific sequence and location on a delivery truck.
– Removing cases/bottles of product from delivery trucks.
– Returning undelivered cases/bottles to their proper inventory locations.
– Moving and stacking cases/bottles for the purpose of conducting physical inventory.
– Repacking bottles of product into special packages for special promotional programs.
– Perform the cleaning and maintenance duties as may be directed by the warehouse supervisor.

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