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Carlifornia: Team Leader 2 – Operations


Responsible for individual and team development, quality performance, cost parameters, and service to customers (internal and external).  Responsible for a team of individuals with varying levels of experience and education.  Uses in-depth training in manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain processes, and assists team members in solving problems and improving performance.  Has broad influence on the organization both cross-shift and cross-functionally in helping to manage the business and drive improved performance. May be focused on Production, Quality or Training.

• Communicates and/or interprets overall organizational directives and applies them to Team and individual objectives.
• Acts as liaison, representing the Team in general, interfacing and influencing other functions in the organization.
• Plans the overall operations of one or more areas or units and ensures achievement of goals and objectives either directly or through subordinate staff.
• Organizes and facilitates work team meetings.
• Initiates and implements projects with a short- to mid-term focus.
• May design formal training programs.
• Conducts presentations and formal training programs for audiences of varying levels of sophistication.
• Ensures a safe working environment; conduct safety programs.
• Ensures GMP.
• Monitors and ensures achievement of goals, objectives, and timelines.
• Directs and coordinates activities of project personnel to ensure project progresses on schedule and within prescribed budget.
• Develops, interprets and ensures the consistent application of organization policies.
• Develops or approves recommendations to change systems, policies and procedures; ensures timely and accurate implementation.
• Establishes deadlines.

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