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Georgia: Brewery Systems Engineer


Responsible to analyze complex processes, develop and deploy innovative automation, design operator/​control system interfaces, and initiate process improvement solutions.​ To recommend and support Brewery clients, with the Brewing and Utilities departments as the primary customer base, in the consideration and/​or use of computer technology.​ Maintain the systems used in executing brewery functions.​ To resolve technology related problems and provide financial planning and control for the resulting technology infrastructure.

The position also includes implementing solutions to correct identified problems, troubleshooting production problems (including off shift remote support) and developing process improvement projects in conjunction with operators, area supervisors, and other plant resources.​ The individual is expected to recognize and drive opportunities for process improvements in the brewery and their primary support area, as well as provide technical leadership in their area of specialization.​ For larger projects, the individual will work with corporate project teams to integrate new systems and applications into the production environment.

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Thursday, January 18, 7:50 am

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