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Illinois: Sales Communications Analyst


Responsible for executing on the prescribed sales communications strategy with the guidance of the sales communications manager and director of sales development, generating and delivering market and product messages through communications aimed to drive revenue growth through increased productivity, improved effectiveness and message consistency. Will create and deliver communications to the sales force, schedule and help drive meetings with the sales force to deliver key messages, and perform analyses central to determining message effectiveness.
Integrate market and product messages into sales communications strategy.
Ensure Marketing is represented in all Sales discussions, reinforcing Marketings role and identifying Sales/Marketing synergies
Investigate, recommend and deploy new tools and technology to aid Sales collaboration and communication.
Co-ordinate all communications to Sales including coordinating senior sales management meetings and agenda
Consult with all other departments as the expert for developing communications for the Sales organization.
Facilitate effective use of communication and collaboration tools, collaborate on the planning, creation and execution of communication initiatives and measure the results they produce .

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Monday, December 18, 6:16 pm

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