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New York: Brand Ambassadors


Palm Bay International is a leading importer of wine and spirits brands in the United States. We thrive on bringing distinctive treasures from the world’s most prominent growing regions to wine and spirits lovers across the U.S. With a portfolio of over 80 internationally recognized producers from eleven countries, Palm Bay ranks among the nation’s top importers. So when you see Palm Bay international on the label, trust your instincts and enjoy – our name is your assurance of quality.

The US Brand Ambassador for this high profile Italian wine supplier will serve as a field position focused on the execution and accomplishment of a broad range of activities across the United States. This position is primarily responsible for executing sales goals by coordinating and synchronizing activities with PBI’s Portfolio and Sales management teams. The position requires strong sales skills and interpersonal dexterity to manage brand performance and execution across the United States.

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Monday, January 22, 4:02 am

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