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South Africa: Channel Manager


To support the development, management and execution of a national channel strategy and drive the development and implementation of channel plans

· Review actual versus planned channel marketing performance and highlight learning’s

· Review channel landscape and identify opportunities and threats

· Translate high level grow/ maintain/ defend channel goals into actionable objectives

· Establish the mix of activities/ trade lever levels to best achieve objectives (AMPPS)

· Create channel plans

· Develop AMPPS guidelines and inform scorecard creation (AMPPS)

· Inform channel marketing resource allocation and ensure ongoing budget management

· Support the integration of channel and brand plans to enable de-duplication and optimal allocation of resources across brand and channel activities

· Support the development of integrated sales force ‘ask’

· Inform and support ongoing in-trade experiments to build a channel marketing learning system

· Actively participate in the Plan Management system, primarily through the Channel Forum, to ensure ongoing management of channel plans and continuous learning.

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Thursday, January 18, 3:28 pm

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