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South Africa: Project Accountant


To maintain and update the Controlled Self Assessment within the Region to continue to include Sarbanes Oxley, Internal audit findings and required focus points.

· Developing and maintaining working relationships with the Sarbanes Oxley Project team at head office.

· Independent review (audit) of all key controls to assess compliancy therewith.

Provision of executive summaries to management of sites audited regarding Sarbanes Oxley compliance and rectification plans

· Streamlining of internal audit recommendations and the development of an internal audit action plans for all plants.

· Ensuring alignment of controls and policies with that of the group.

· Developing, implementing and following up on rectification plans for sites with poor internal audits reports and weak control environments.

· Assisting plants with site readiness for internal and external audits.

· Attendance of opening and close out meetings with Internal Audit.

· Following up on internal audit recommendations and drafting progress reports.

· Closely being involved with Inventory Counts and Asset Verification.

· Innovate and introduce methods of resolving business weaknesses

· Frequent assessment of the all financial and operational controls to ensure that they align to the continuously changing business requirements.

· Provide independent and objective feedback on key processes and procedures per business requests.

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