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Texas: Vice President – Spirits


Directs and coordinates activities of one or more divisions and participates in formulating and developing long range goals and objectives by performing the following duties personally or through subordinate managers.

· Responsible for the realization of division objectives for sales and revenues. Will create and utilize comprehensive sales plans that analyze competitive trends, gains and other activities in order to devise effective counter strategies and tactics.
· Responsible for a healthy and productive relationship with Republic Beverage Company’s suppliers and customers.
· Responsible for appropriate staffing, maintenance, and development of the sales organization in order to accomplish the division’s goals and objectives. Maintains a safe, healthy working environment in compliance with state, federal and local statutes. Provides a business environment conducive to professional development and career progress.
· Upholds ethical practice in all the branch’s activities. Ensures that all sales personnel conduct themselves in accord with all statutes, federal state and local, governing the sale of alcoholic beverages at all times. Ensure that all sales activities are conducted in compliance with all statutes, federal, state and local, with regard to company credit regulations and procedures.
· Will organize the structure of management to ensure that the sales organization is appropriately staffed for the achievement of division and supplier sales objectives. Will create contact plans that reflect frequent sales and service calls to all accounts in order to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and quality brand representation. Contact plans will provide for appropriate territory assignment to achieve the most effective time and territory management.
· Responsible for communicating to all sales management personnel the sales goals of the organization to be established in a sales plan incorporating supplier objectives.
· Analyzes past sales performance data in order to develop and initiate strategies for improvement.

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Thursday, January 18, 5:45 pm

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