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Turkey: Sourcing Recruiter


The Sourcing Recruiter is responsible for developing, executing and managing the pipeline of proactive external recruitment strategies against Human Capital Plans providing world class talent for current and reoccurring roles, by job function, while balancing quality, speed, cost and diversity.

• Participate in the strategic approach to HC planning for particular geographical regions and functions.  Develop strategic external sourcing plans against HC Plan and Forecasts, by job function or project.  Plans are expected to optimize results by being metric driven, with an understanding of the number of contacts, leads, prospects, candidates and hires expected from each channel, by when and the resulting economics.
• Execute strategic sourcing implementation plans, varying the sourcing channel mix by function or project, to find exceptional talent using methods of research networking, cold calling, outreach and face-to-face meetings.
• Determine implementation strategies and customization requirements for HR plans, Sourcing Plans, Programs, Processes and Tools to ensure local business needs are met.
• Build and maintain relationships with external leads, contacts, networks, consortium relationships, and strategic consulting partnerships to ensure resource availability.
• Manage the external vendor relationships for when search or research is needed to supplement the talent pool.  Play a role in creating the set of Preferred Suppliers for particular geographies with standardized contracts for the Preferred Supplier List.
• Grow, input and consistently maintain database of viable talent consisting of contacts, leads and candidates, ranked by a scaling system that allows for clear understanding of quality of the database per pool.
• Develop and maintain external talent sources to ensure a consistent process resulting in a qualified, diverse talent pool by job function, on time for needs.
• Partner with Recruiters, HR, and business leaders in the planning and execution of specific sourcing selection which serve to strengthen our capabilities, address skill needs and enhance our bench of talent.

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