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Arizona: Ambassador


Lotus Vodka has created a revolutionary line of vitamin enhanced vodkas that has gained rapid traction on the West Coast. Launched in Northern California, Lotus has been picked up by thousands of accounts and wowed drinkers with its unique and great tasting blends. White Lotus (enhanced with B Vitamins) and Blue Lotus (enhanced with Guarana Extract, Caffeine and Taurine) have received gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Lotus has been covered extensively in the press from Wine Enthusiast magazine to Investor’s Business Daily.

Key Job Responsibilities
• Consistently deliver 50-100 monthly cases sold from key accounts in Arizona
• Work with SWS and sales executives on programming, crew drives, etc.
• Work with headquarters on promo events/opportunities to drive the case targets.
• Work with key retail chains like Bevmo to drive case sales volume.

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Saturday, January 20, 6:45 pm

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