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California: Enologist 1


Performs enology associated with the winemaking process at assigned locations across all wine varieties and brands. Responsible for influencing the growing of grapes, the production of wines and the quality of wine delivered to the consumer.

• Functions as liaison between winemaking and production.
• Partners with production to coordinate work order execution.
• Coordinates the work order process.
• Reviews wine analysis, tank top inspection reports, and communicate out of specification wines to appropriate winemakers at assigned locations.
• Participates in monitoring of fermentation activity, analysis and management of grapes received during harvest including, but not limited to: temperatures, TA, pH, Brix, VA, tank top/bottom evaluations.
• Supports the wine production processes across all wine varieties and brands at assigned locations.
• Maintains and sorts data from winemaking trials, experiments and wine processing operations.
• Participates in bench trials; conducts and manages certain trials and experiments.

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Monday, December 18, 6:30 pm

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