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Canada: Customs Compliance Analyst


Ensure 100% compliance with all CBSA and other government departments (OGDs) rules and regulations; Single point of contact for Diageo Canada stakeholders on issues relating to the importation of merchandise for all shipments into Canada where Diageo is a direct or indirect recipient; Ensure NAFTA and other special trade programs are applied correctly for qualifying shipments; Guide Customs Brokers in computing the correct duties and taxes for all import shipments; Ensure correct duties and fees are paid; Direct warehouses in reconciling accurate quantities of merchandise received versus those declared to CBSA. Where there are discrepancies resolve by filing adjustment requests.

Key Responsibilities:
Manage the relationship with all Customs brokers; Maintain an import product database of all items; Distribute this database to all brokers as items are added or become inactive; Conduct post-entry audit of all B3–Accounting Document to ensure accuracy of data reported to CBSA; Stay abreast of and disseminate international trade information related to CBSA and OGDs to internal stakeholders; Implement and maintain procedures for preparing and submitting B2s to CBSA for transactions requiring adjustments; Liaise with Customs brokers, CBSA, Diageo transportation, manufacturing, warehouses, tax, legal, finance and other internal and external stakeholders on Customs-related matters; Obtain validate and distribute NAFTA Certificates of Origin for all NAFTA-eligible items annually, prior to import.

Management responsibility:
Reports to the North America Customs Compliance Manager.

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Monday, January 22, 11:39 pm

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