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Florida: Packaging Operator


Operate all downstream packaging equipment.  Ensure compliance with The Coca-Cola Company Management System standards.  Perform all tasks in a safe manner to ensure achievement of Quality, Service, and Cost objectives.  Comply with all standard operating procedures and requirements under TCCC Management System.

Essential Duties:
Comply with all standard safety practices, safety rules, and all Company rules and policies.
Maintain proper safety conditions of equipment including immediately correcting or reporting safety issues to your supervisor.
Ensure efficient operation of case forming, case packing, labeling and all other downstream equipment.
Ensure equipment is supplied with required materials, (e.g., adhesives, shrink wrap, labels).
Perform package quality checks as required.
Maintain accurate records and logs as required.
Maintain equipment and area cleanliness to ensure compliance with all GMP standards.
Perform operator-related preventative maintenance duties as required.
Work directly with maintenance personnel, other line personnel and management to problem-solve to ensure maximum production efficiencies.
Troubleshoot and correct machinery or quality problems.
Set up and/or changeover equipment to different packages sizes or different case codes.

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