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For Sale: Variety of Hops for Sale

Hops for Sale (Styrian, East Kent, Tradition…)
After evaluating our inventory for the rest of the year, we have an excess of hops we’d like to sell. The following varieties and amounts are what we have available:

-9 boxes (11 lb each) of East Kent Goldings, 5% AA – $17.50/lb
-7 boxes (11 lb each) of Styrian Goldings, 3.5% AA – $19.65/lb
-1 box (44 lb) of Hallertau Tradition, 4.8% AA – $19/lb

The above were sourced through our normal supplier.

Below are hops sourced directly from Germany. They’re T-45 (as opposed to normal T-90) which means they’re twice as concentrated, so you only have to use half as much as normal. Smaller sized packaging means that for smaller brewery or brewpub usage it is not necessary to have the packet opened for as long and consequently the hops stay fresher. Of these we have available:

-Perle – 10.35% AA, 2.9 kg or 6.39 lb per foil. We have 11 foils, 70.29 lbs total. $17/lb
-Tettenanger – 6.15% AA, 3.25 kg or 7.16 lb foils. We have 3 foils, 21.48 lbs total. $17/lb
Remember the Perle and Tettenanger are T-45’s, and twice as concentrated, so basically you’re paying $8.50 per pound.

We are selling these at the same prices we paid. All hops have been stored under optimal conditions and will be shipping from Pennsylvania – buyer pays shipping.

Shoot me an e-mail if interested or for more info.

Ben Potts
Dock Street Brewing Co.

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Friday, January 19, 3:47 pm

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