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Mirror Ball Sent Into Space To Launch Campaign For J&B Whisky


Diageo has sent a mirror ball into space to mark the launch of a global marketing campaign for J&B whisky.

The mirror ball was attached to a helium-filled weather balloon by scientists from Cambridge University’s space flight team, to publicise the Scotch brand’s Start a Party campaign.

VIP guests from around the world are being invited to a J&B party in Transylvania on June 20 and events at other unusual locations are planned for throughout 2009.

J&B spokesperson Louise Higgins said: “The mirror ball is an internationally-recognised party symbol as well as a J&B icon.

“Sending a mirror ball into the stratosphere for the first time shows the world we know how to start a party anywhere, anytime.”

The mirror ball and balloon took almost four-and-a-half hours to reach an altitude equivalent to eight times the height of the Empire State Building, and three times higher than the cruising position of a jumbo jet.

Footage of the mirror ball making its ascent can be seen at

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Tuesday, January 23, 1:46 pm

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