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Rwandan Government to sell shareholding in Bralirwa Brewery

The Rwandan Government have announced that they are to sell their 30% shareholding in the Bralirwa Brewery.
Finance minister James Musoni told reporters that the government plans to get rid of its stake in the country’s sole brewer Bralirwa, telecom giant MTN Rwanda and insurance company SONARWA during the next financial year.

“Part of the plans we have this year are selling off government shares in the three companies,” Musoni said.
The government has 30% shares in Bralirwa, 10% in MTN Rwanda and 10%in Sonarwa.

“We intend to offload these shares through the capital market,” the finance minister said after presenting the 2009/10 budget.

Currently Heineken International is the majority stakeholder in Bralirwa, while IGI-Nigeria owns a big stake in SONARWA.

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Sunday, January 21, 10:33 am

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