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Tango trying to embrace the MySpace Generation again

Tango has launched a limited edition 440ml Can called Tango With Added Tango only to have the launch hijacked by the media who spotted an unfortunate coincidence.

The Sun pointed out that the can’s promise, Tango with Added Tango, when read vertically, actually spells the word twat which is a general term of abuse and especially much loved by Anglo-Saxon football fans.
Makers Britvic said it was a “coincidence”, however, in a press release sent about the relaunch, Tango’s marketing communications agency, Euro RSCG KLP wrote they “knew it had to bring the madness to life to truly engage the target audience and establish a dialogue with the brand”.

In a quirky new campaign to launch the new Tango with Added Tango, consumers are warned that drinking too much Tango may make your hair turn ginger (yes those ones too), or lead to all manner of crazy, unpredictable side effects.

To drive Word Of Mouth Marketing amongst teens, a warning message was slapped on the new 440ml cans urging consumers to call a Helpline number if they were concerned they may have ‘Tango’verdosed’.

The campaign will run on limited edition 440ml cans of Orange Tango across impulse and convenience channels and Tesco’s nationwide.

Hugh Treacy , KLP’s managing director, added, “Few briefs give an agency as much creative license as Tango. It’s refreshing to develop a campaign so intrinsically linked to a brand’s personality – especially when the personality is as big as this one’s.”

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Thursday, January 18, 7:41 am

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