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UK Brewer stop supplies to Cobra due to unpaid invoices

UK Brewer Well & Youngs have put Cobra “on stop” due to unpaid invoices.
A statement from Wells & Youngs, which has brewed Cobra since 1997, said: “We have had a long and harmonious trading relationship with our friends at Cobra Beer, but recently the overdue payments had mounted up and Cobra was unable to pay. We have now stopped brewing Cobra.
“This will have minimal impact as Cobra beer was a very small proportion of our overall capacity.”
Last week Molson Coors bought Cobra Beer in a pre-pack administration — Cobra Beer had underlying losses of around £15.9m in 2008.
Former Cobra boss Lord Bilimoria has been made chairman of the new joint venture Cobra Brewing Partnership. Molson Coors owns a 50.1% share in the new group.
Molson Coors said in a statement: “Molson Coors has a valued relationship with Wells & Youngs and we recognise the important brewing role they have played in Cobra’s development over the past decade.
“We have been in conversations with Wells & Youngs regarding transitional brewing options and we were aware of their intention moving forward. Continuity is unaffected by this announcement and Cobra Brewing Partnership is already taking orders for new stocks of Cobra.”

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Thursday, December 14, 3:07 pm

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