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Coca-Cola to launch Relentless as an Energy Shot

Coca-Cola is launching an energy shot in the UK, under its Relentless drinks brand.

The 50ml shot is available in retail outlets this week and provides around the same amount of energy as half a can of regular 500ml Relentless. The launch of Relentless Shots will be supported by a ‘multi million pound’ investment, with advertising created by Erasmus Partners.

Coca-Cola launched its Relentless energy drink in 2006 in the UK, posting sales of £40m in the 52 weeks to 17 January 2009, according to AC Nielsen. Year-on-year sales in 2008 increased by 143%.

Relentless is currently available in the variants Relentless Origin, Relentless Juiced Energy Tropical and Relentless Inferno, as well as Relentless Juiced Energy Berry which launched in March.

The energy shot market in the US is well established and it is seen as a new area of growth in the UK. Earlier this year Viva Beverages launched Quick Energy in the UK in March. A range of orange-flavoured, sugar-free vitamin energy shots, it has been available in the US since 2004.

Red Bull is also working on the launch strategy for its Energy Shot brand in the UK following its successful US debut last month. The company however say there are ‘no immediate plans’ to launch the shot in the UK.

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Tuesday, January 23, 1:49 pm

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