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Inver House to launch local bottled Scotch in Belarus

Strong rumours from Belarus that the Minsk Kristall Distillery has concluded a deal with Inverhouse Distillers to bottle two of their Scotch Whisky brands : Inver House and Highland Cup.
The whisky will be bottled in 0.2 and o.7 litre-bottles. In 2009, the distillery is expected to produce 5,000 decalitres of premium whisky.

Inver House and Highland cup whiskies, which are both blended and are no less than 3 year old, will allow Belarusians to appreciate delicate barley aroma with sweet citrus touch. The Belarusian-bottled scotch will be available at discounted prices.
Minsk Kristall is the oldest and biggest distillery in Belarus. The distillery employs 630 professionals. Annually, Minsk Kristall produces more than 4 million decalitres of spirits and 1.8 million decalitres of grain alcohol.

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Monday, December 18, 6:13 pm

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