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Molson Coors to launch single Alchol Unit sized Bottles

LONDON – Molson Coors is drawing up plans to launch its low-alcohol lager brand C2 in a bottle size that would contain a single unit of alcohol.
Molson Coors to market C2 lager in single-alcohol unit bottle

The product would help drivers to keep track of the number of units they have consumed. It would also help to enhance Molson Coors’ record on encouraging responsible drinking.

Government advice on legal drinking limits states that men should consume no more than four units of alcohol and women no more than three before driving.

Most bottled lagers contain between one and two units, which makes it difficult for drinkers to monitor their consumption accurately.

Drinks advertising rules prevent brands from describing products as ‘low-alcohol’; a unit-sized drink would therefore provide a way around this for marketing the C2 brand.

Simon Davies, the outgoing Molson Coors’ marketing director, refused to comment on the single-unit format, but confirmed that the company had an active NPD programme in relation to responsible drinking.

At the start of the year, Molson Coors launched its Carling lager in 99-calorie bottles to draw women to the brand. The roll-out was backed by ads in specialist women’s media.

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Thursday, January 18, 5:37 pm

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