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Virgin Islands: Finance Manager


Responsibility for supporting the Operation management team in the on time/ in budget construction and start-up of a new distillery in the U.S Virgin Islands.

Diageo USVI is a new legal entity and the finance manager will be involved in managing or ensuring all relevant financial requirements for this entity including planning and reporting functions, accounting, CARM, working with tax and treasury as required and ensuring compliance with DUSVI’s agreement with the government of the Virgin Islands.

The role requires significant depth in accounting, planning, reporting, analysis and controls as it is supporting a stand-alone legal entity

2.       Advanced understanding of accounting and GAAP due to reporting requirements and transactions relating to the USVI grant and future cover over income

3.       Understanding of end to end Supply chain and cost accounting to effectively meet needs of plant management

4.       Interface with the government of the USVI to provide rum forecasts and manage accounting for cover-over income from the government and reconcile estimated revenue provided with actual entitlement once volumes finalized

5.       Base level of tax and treasury knowledge to effectively liaise with these departments and become a local expert on USVI rules

6.       Significant project management/leadership capabilities, change management and business system transformation experience

7.      Building and leveraging relationships across different business functions and geographies/countries that are essential to delivering results.

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Sunday, January 21, 12:55 am

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