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Colorado: FS Transformation Manager


To lead the sales and execution of initiatives with our bottlers and distributors in the local marketplace. This role works closely with local market customers, bottlers and distributors to identify growth opportunities and provide solutions to drive our mutual share and profitability. The role works closely with the Area and National Chain teams to ensure bottlers and distributors are in a position to support business priorities. Some positions of this job are the
primary account manager for bottlers operating under the CCNA Local
Market Partner (LMP) program.

Function Specific Activities:
Activate The Coca-Cola Company System (e.g., cross-functional team
members, segment resources) to develop and implement business
plan/solution that meets customer needs and drives beverage category
profit and volume.
Participate in contract negotiations/re-negotiations with customer and
Coca-Cola System in order to formalize the agreement.
Write Annual Business Plan (APB) for specific customer, group of
customers or geography in order to forecast volume, revenue and
Develop customer call strategies to interact with buyers (coaches,
gatekeepers) in order to gain access to senior level buyers.
Develop and/or implement training solutions for customers that will
enhance business performance by improving customer capabilities
necessary for business plan execution.

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Saturday, December 16, 5:26 am

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